What are the center hours?

Cradlerock Children's Center is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. The hours of attendance of your child should be communicated to the office to ensure sufficient staff is available.

What ages do you serve?

Children from 6 weeks of age to 5 years of age may attend the center.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Our teachers have varied educational backgrounds and
experience. We strive to hire the most qualified staff
possible. Our teachers have a combination of
the following: four-year degrees, two-year
degrees, the 90-Hour Child Care Class,
and/or the 45 Infant Toddler Class.
One or two aides may be hired as
part-time staff to assist teachers
from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Do you have staff turnover?

Our staff turnover rate is well
belowthe industry norm,
thanks in part to our
commitment to
providing a living
wage and competitive
benefits to our staff.

Are lunches provided?

We provide breakfast, lunch and pm snacks.


Do you have part-time openings?

We do offer part-time enrollment in our three- and four- year-old classrooms. Due to the limited number of openings in the center, we cannot offer part-time spaces in the infant, toddler, two- year-old classrooms, or our transition older 2 and 3's working on potty training.

Can I withdraw my child for the summer months?

Children in the three- and four-year-old classrooms may dis-enroll for the summer. For younger children, we will make every effort to reserve a place for your child in the upcoming school year. You will be notified if your child's space is in jeopardy.

What is the role of parents at the center?

It is vitally important to us to develop
a strong partnership between parents,
teachers and directors. We welcome the
suggestions and ideas of parents, and
encourage you to become involved in
our program. We also include several
parents on our board of directors,
and seek their guidance on key
decisions related to the center.

How will you contact
me if the center is
closing for bad
weather or an

Emergency alert are sent
via tadpoles.When your child
is enrolled, you will be asked
to sign up for the free service,
which provides updates to your
cell phone and email